Rugged by design

It commonly describes equipment that can be used in harsh environments.  There are three levels of ruggedization: Semi-rugged, Fully-rugged and Ultra-rugged but these terms are not standardized.

Brief, the terminology can be described as follows:

  • Semi-rugged: Often referred to as business rugged for professional use.
  • Fully-rugged: Often tested to withstand various military grade specifications, extreme temperatures, can be dropped and resistant against water or dust.
  • Ultra-rugged: Often tend to cost more than the rest because they are designed to withstand the absolute harshest conditions and are developed to be pretty much indestructible.


Key values are not only limited to the durability of the hardware.  In comparison to consumer devices, rugged solutions additionally provide extras such as:

  • Product road maps to make wise, long-term rugged device buying solutions
  • More durable and reliable enterprise devices built with multiple shifts or users in mind
  • Replaceable batteries, SSD, multi-charging docks and other relevant accessories
  • Accessories designed and tested to work together under tough conditions
  • A device for an enterprise solution that considers more than just drop and vibration specs.
  • More than just “Hard shells”

Ruggedizers offers a complimentary range of products for harsh environments featuring different levels of Rugged construction.  Alu-Mg housing, anti-scratch, protective rubber corners, slim design, IP65 water and dust proof, shock- vibration and drop resistant (MIL-STD-810G), optimized touchscreen and extended temperature range responding to the most severe outdoor-applications and environments are just some of the features.  We invite our customers to contact Ruggedizers and will inform you which level of ruggedness is best suited for your application in tough conditions.


Who uses rugged?

No matter what your mobile application, Ruggedizers can provide you with the rugged mobile devices to get your work done faster, more consistently and with greater efficiency. Whether you’re moving from pen and paper, upgrading from a consumer-grade computer, or already using the cutting edge of mobile field technology, Ruggedizers has the rugged mobile device to assist you.

Whether or not to invest in a rugged versus consumer device is the first key question that is often overlooked.  Rugged devices provide peace of mind for your mission critical information and are built to withstand the demands of a truly mobile workforce.

The rugged mobile devices are designed for anyone who works in a tough environment. Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, our devices measure up to all of them. Be assured your Rugged device is seamlessly integrated into your company’s environment.  Ruggedizers’ devices can be found in manufacturing, public safety, utility, transportation, military, government and any other environment requiring unique workflows.

In our application & markets section you can find more of the markets where you’ll find our products — but even if yours isn’t listed, give us a call, fill in our contact form or send us an email. We’d be happy to put together a solution that works for you.


Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the total amount estimated to help business managers assess the costs related to the purchase of any capital investment, spread out over the life of the item.

Tangible and intangible costs are both to be considered when purchasing or investing in a major asset.

  • Tangible costs:
    • Purchase price, installation and implementation costs
  • Intangible costs when your system is damaged:
    • The percentage of time you’ll be without your device, service and repair costs including hassle and time, lost sales, customer service impact, data loss, employee down time, customer satisfaction impact, employee morale, time wasted to diagnose the issue.

The cost of having your company’s IT administrator perform the required maintenance can further increase the overall cost of a non-working device.


Conclusion :

In comparison to non-Rugged devices, Rugged solutions have a much lower failure rate.  Reduced deployment risk, lower TCO, increased efficiency, accuracy and safety for all workers is key.  Rugged devices will save you twice as much money in the long-run.  Considering a company mobile workforce environment, there is a significant difference in the long-term costs of using consumer grade versus rugged mobile computing devices regardless of industry or workflow.

Rugged Mobile technology isn’t a luxury-it’s a necessity.