Support & Services

At Ruggedizers, we understand that it is not just about technology. It is about being able to extract the most value from your technology investments.  Ruggedizers is in business to help our customers be successful.

You’ve got questions.  We’ve got answers.  So if you are trying to fix a problem, find a user guide, or just learn more about Ruggedizers products; please do get in touch with us.  Ruggedizers invites you to reach us by a simple call or via the contact page.  In despite of the digital age, we strongly believe in the human interface between our customers and ourselves.

If you need assistance or help for Ruggedizers products, this is where you need to be:

  • Your first after-sales contact is our customer service department.  Customer service can be contacted at +31-10 288 25 00 or  A customer service representative will handle your request instantly.  Ruggedizers offers repair services within or outside warranty period by manufacturer certified engineers. You can find more information about warranty on our warranty page.
  • You can also click on contact”to contact Ruggedizers knowledgeable staff about a specific product or issue.
  • For commercial questions you can call +31-10 288 25 00 or mail to

In addition to our standard range of rugged mobile solutions, Ruggedizers can fully configure or customize most rugged portable models to meet your requirements offering a professional engineering & customization service.  Custom operating systems, pre-installed custom images on traditional or various forms of flash media are good examples of these services.


  • Pre-sales consultation on optimal rugged system elements
  • Help desk telephone support
  • Field services and sustaining support programs
  • Professional services deployment, Installation, Training
  • General Warranty terms
  • Repairs at Ruggedizers operated and/or Ruggedizers-certified facilities
  • Technical telephone support from Mon through Fri from 08:30 to 17:00. Tel+31-10 288 25 00 / e-mail
  • Manufacturers’ warranty
    • In & out-warranty repairs
    • Vendor specific Extended warranty
  • Product user guides
  • Data Sheets & specifications