Rugged vs “Ruggedized” computers

Even professional users of rugged tablets and rugged handhelds are sometimes unsure of what defines a “rugged computer,” which tests validate ruggedness and how these tests are carried out. Let us tell you about IP ratings, MIL-STD-810G and other rugged specifications. Understanding rugged specs is the key to choosing the right rugged mobile computer for your situation.

How do we test our Rugged Handhelds?

To be considered rugged, computers have to undergo multiple tests for ruggedness. The industry standards are MIL-STD test methods and the Ingress Protection scale.

  • MIL-STD tests
  • Drop and shock testing
  • Liquid-resistance testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Sand and dust testing
  • Extreme temperature testing
  • Humidity testing

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