Buy a Nautiz X2 and receive FREE 3-year MaxCare Standard warranty (offer extended until: 30th of April ’20)

The Handheld MaxCare service plan is a comprehensive package of add-on service options that will help protect your technology investment and offer additional security for your business.

Our objective is to provide customers with the best choice of a cost-effective and efficient service plan for our rugged tablets and handhelds. Handheld products are designed for those who work in less-than-gentle environments, and whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, all our devices are made to rise to the challenge. But in case something does go wrong, we’ve developed the MaxCare product warranties: multiple extended warranty options that provide you with peace of mind on future service costs and lower the total cost of ownership for our devices.

You won’t find built-in obsolescence here. Handheld’s rugged computers are made to last longer than consumer units – and that includes repairs and service. Our industry carries spare parts longer and offers longer warranty options for our already long-lasting products, making our offerings even more cost-efficient.

Both MaxCare service plans are valid for a period of three or five years from the product’s purchase date to ensure extended life-cycle protection. We offer both an economical Standard plan and an All-inclusive plan.

FREE 3-year MaxCare Standard warranty with the purchase of each Nautiz X2 before the 30th of April ’20.

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